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A New Market is developing for NutriCosmetics, Nutrient Beauty Products

We always know that nutrients are good for our health like some gives our skin a refreshing and younger looks, some prevents the aging effects and a lot more. Customers especially women are always interested in beauty products particularly about the skin products. Viewing the high demand of beauty products many companies like nestle has started a new line of NutriCosmetics or nutrient beauty products.

Some nutrient beauty products come in form of Nutritional supplements like beauty drinks, skin creams and few more. Nutrient drinks which help you to improve your eating and sleeping habits are very good for a good skin; a strong connection has been found between a good sleep and healthy skin and physical beauty.

Nutrient drinks are very good for the skin as they are well absorbed by the body and also throw toxins out of your body. Many new NutriCosmetics manufacturer are making use of fruits of vegetables that are full of all nutrients just like Acai berry is being used in anti wrinkle creams.

Nutrient beauty products have opened a new horizon for the cosmetic manufacturers, however may health experts do not recommend to use nutrient beauty products or supplements for a good skin they recommend a good balanced organic diet as an alternative.

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Olive Oil as a Nutrient Supplement for Hair Loss

Is olive oil could be used for stopping the hair fall??

“There are many fruits and vegetables that can be used as shampoos and conditioners to stop hair fall and improve their condition, so is the Olive Oil. Olive Oil serves as a good nutrient supplement for your hairs. Though it does not make your hairs longer but it surely stops the hair loss. The use of a good and pure Olive Oil can make you hairs to look fresh, healthier, silky and shiny. Olive Oil repairs the damage hairs and give them healing power. it also makes your hairs to look bright and glow in the daylight; it also helps you to get rid of dandruff and lice especially in childerns.

Olive Oil gives best effects if you use it on regular basis and you use a pure Olive Oil supplement. A poor quality olive oil may contain some chemicals which can harm you hairs while you are trying to save them.”

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Social trends toward sports supplements, vitamins and nutrients, organic health food. I was wondering why you don’t do your own homework.

“Yes you are right… the trend of nutrient of food supplements has been increasing for over few years. Market is flooded with a great number of food supplements, nutrients supplements, vitamin supplements of other heath food or energy drink products. There can be number of reason behind this trend. One reason is that overall population of the world is increasing while the agricultural sector is unable to feed the huge population with natural or organic food. Due to this many commercial or processed foods are being prepared which definitely lacks in nutrients so in order to fulfill the nutrient shortage in their bodies people are adapting food supplements habits.

The other reason is that the world has become more glamour and competitive, where actresses, sports, businessmen have become a style icon for the youngster and their trend is madly followed up. these celebrities consume nutritional supplements because they cannot afford the luxury of enjoying the natural home cooked food, sometimes due to lack of time or sometimes in order to maintain a good shaped figure. Sportsmen need extra natural food supplements so they can be physically fit, smart and healthy with strong muscles and bones. Extra food may work well but there can still be a risk of over weighting so a good food supplement works well for them.

Food supplements are also good for old aged people because at this stage of life most of their organs become less active, they cannot chew the food properly or their stomach is too weak to digest the food. Food supplements also play their role at this stage.

Food supplements can be used by anyone no matter he or she is normal public man or a celebrity. Celebrities are exceptional cases but youngster should avoid using food supplements because they still have a great chance to intake all of the essential nutrients, vitamins from the fresh foods and vegetables.”

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Can Nutrient supplements replace the natural food?

I would like to know how the nutrients that are in dietary supplements such as multivitamin pills compare to the nutrients one gets from natural food/meals. Are they one and the same? Is one better than the other? Is there such a thing as a good quality or bad quality vitamin or mineral?

Though currently in the market many nutritional supplements are available; they all claim that their nutritional supplements product provide all the essential nutrients like vitamins, protein, fiber and minerals. Unfortunately very few of them have been proved fully healthful; most of the nutrient supplementary diets do not provide all the essential nutrients in the required balanced quantity; some of those nutritional diets have one nutrient in excessive amount while on the other hand very low amount of another important nutrient.

Well when coming to the comparison of nutritional supplements vs. nutrients received from consuming natural food; my vote always goes in the favor of natural food. No nutrient supplement replace the natural food, they can fulfill the shortage of nutrients but cannot provide you the full amount of nutrient required by your body. If you feel your body needs nutrients always go for the natural food? Natural food not only tastes good it also keeps you away from spending you r precious amount and time spent of nutritional supplements. What all you have to do it is to make the fresh vegetables and fruits an essential part of your daily diet and soon you will observe a change

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