Elements of Google Home Assistant

The elements (defined Domini) defined in the Home Assistant configuration and controllable through integration with Google Assistant (Google Home and compatible speakers, also an app) are:

  • binary sensors (binary sensors)
  • camera (IP cameras)
  • (air conditioners and thermostats)
  • cover (dark)
  • fan (fans) – on / off
  • Group (groups)
  • Boolean entry (Boolean entry)
  • light (lights)
  • media_player (multimedia players)
  • scene
  • script – activation / activation only
  • sensor (sensors, the temperature only)
  • change (switches)
  • empty (empty)

Previous requirements

  • Home Assistant version greater than or equal to 0.62 ;
  • Home Assistant configured for remote control through HTTPS.
  • The second point is that the Home Assistant program is accessible remotely and by the pro https tool.


The integration is not particularly complex, but it provides for the timely fulfillment of some sequential actions, substantially four:

  • definition of a personal project in Google Actions ;
  • definition of an API key in Google Cloud Platform ;

Home Assistant configuration;

Home Assistant entity discovery controllable through Google Echo / Assistant.

Google Actions Project

“Google Actions” is a web operating environment (rib of Google Cloud Platform, Google’s cloud environment for developers (and not) that allows anyone to create depths designed to extend the functionality of Google Assistant.

To implement the integration described in this guide, we will use a specific type of pro-delivery: ‚ÄúSmart Home.”