pool renovation

Best Guide to Swimming Pool Renovation & Remodeling

Thinking of renovating your swimming pool, but do not know where to start? Well its surely true that the Process of pool renovation & remodeling requires a lot of precise decision making and enough budget, but here is a simple step by step guide for you. This guide will help you with your pool renovation & remodeling project with pretty less stress and limit your problems.

Remodeling and Renovation Process

The pool renovation and remodeling of a swimming pool involve various steps to completion.

  • Draining The Pool: Initially, a submersible pump is placed on the base of the pool, then the water is pumped out of the pool from the hose. The draining process requires a quarter or half a day it also depends on the size of the pool the bigger the pool the later the smaller the pool the earlier it will be completed.
  • Chipping Out: After the pool is drained the surface of the pool is chipped and laced with primer to make it more solid and if the client has requested for tiling this is when tiling is done. Chipping might be noisy out of all the remodeling and renovation processes; this process completion requires about 12 hours. The rubble leftover is cleaned by the workers.
  • Surface Application: In this process, the workers mix pebble and plaster for the right amount of time consistently till the right texture appears then the mixture is pumped into the pool by using large hose pipes, then the plaster artisans start to hand troweling the pool surface. This process takes almost 6 hours to complete
  • Pebble Application: The finisher is done by acid wash over the pool surface after the pebble application is concluded. This process doesn’t take much time.
  • Adding Water: After the pebbles are added the final task which is adding water takes place water filling must not be stopped until the whole pool is filled.