Modern Crystal Chandeliers

modern crystal chandeliers
Not all crystal chandelier sellers can say they have they quality that Gypsy Color chandeliers has. That is why these modern crystal chandeliers are the best holiday gift for your loved one. Modern crystal chandeliers are just like normal chandeliers but a bit more minimalistic. If you would like to know more about modern crystal chandeliers check out amazon.

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Elements of Google Home Assistant

The elements (defined Domini) defined in the Home Assistant configuration and controllable through integration with Google Assistant (Google Home and compatible speakers, also an app) are:

  • binary sensors (binary sensors)
  • camera (IP cameras)
  • (air conditioners and thermostats)
  • cover (dark)
  • fan (fans) – on / off
  • Group (groups)
  • Boolean entry (Boolean entry)
  • light (lights)
  • media_player (multimedia players)
  • scene
  • script – activation / activation only
  • sensor (sensors, the temperature only)
  • change (switches)
  • empty (empty)

Previous requirements

  • Home Assistant version greater than or equal to 0.62 ;
  • Home Assistant configured for remote control through HTTPS.
  • The second point is that the Home Assistant program is accessible remotely and by the pro https tool.


The integration is not particularly complex, but it provides for the timely fulfillment of some sequential actions, substantially four:

  • definition of a personal project in Google Actions ;
  • definition of an API key in Google Cloud Platform ;

Home Assistant configuration;

Home Assistant entity discovery controllable through Google Echo / Assistant.

Google Actions Project

“Google Actions” is a web operating environment (rib of Google Cloud Platform, Google’s cloud environment for developers (and not) that allows anyone to create depths designed to extend the functionality of Google Assistant.

To implement the integration described in this guide, we will use a specific type of pro-delivery: “Smart Home.”

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Integrate free Google Home (Assistant) with Home Assistant (via GCP)

The arrival of the Smart Speaker market is slowly changing the habits of many who, every day, become familiar and familiar with the possibility of interacting with a real personal assistant simply by using the voice and natural language.

Google Home is one of the widest and most recognized success devices. This smart speaker uses the software to run Google Assistant, which is available, even for smart speakers powered by third parties, as well as how to app Independent communication for smartphones/tablets with Android and iOS.

Any smart speaker that uses Google Assistant can be easily integrated with Home Assistant. But why, since many home automation components declare compatibility with Google Home – and, therefore, can be controlled “by factory” by said smart speaker – is it useful to integrate them with this latest Home Assistant?

Semplice: why through a personal HUB like Home Assistant, we can define scenarios, virtual accessories, automation; otherwise, it cannot be defined with the separate use of the individual components. As also explained in an episode of our podcast, scenarios such as “good night” (Maybe when you turn off all the lights, the TV and activate the perimeter alarm) simply cannot be done without the help of a common platform or a personal hub.

At the moment that personal HUB (therefore Home Assistant in the specific case of this guide) is integrated with Google Home, you can verify all the components and the entity defined in it through My personal assistant. The thing to keep in mind is that ,one of the many reasons to adopt a personal HUB for the first home automation.

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